International Missions

Global Ministry


Our mission is to show the love of Jesus to the people of Tanzania. The Geita Missionary work started in 2007. We work to integrate compassionate ministry and sustainable development in the areas of agriculture, healthcare, education, economics, and family.

Brett works with an organization to develop curriculum that combine theology and agriculture. He uses that training to train leaders from all over Africa how to both lead a scripture based Bible study as well as teach the science behind farming and how to be more efficient and successful. Christy also works with village leaders combining theology and the Bible with sanitation and hygiene. Both works are designed to serve the people in their physical needs while showing them how everything in their world and work can point back to God and Christ.



Ken Bolden has reopened the Liberia Bible College in Monrovia, Liberia. The college was forced to close during the civil war of 1999 to 2003. Ken is serving in an administrative role: getting the school re-accredited with the Liberian government, recruiting teachers and students, rebuilding and repairing the buildings, establishing a curriculum, and working to find ways to make the school self-supporting. Ken and his wife Anne have a long background of ministry in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania). They have been sponsored by the Three Chopt Church for most of that time.


Betikara in Madagascar

Betikara means “House of Lambs” in Malagasy. It is an organization that supports up to 40 children with very bad/poor living situations by providing room and board as well as schooling and a place to learn about Christ. The Betikara building also functions as a school for about 400 students and a local congregation that meets on Sundays. Betikara is designed to give the students a safe place to study about God as well as academics and then once graduated to learn a trade so they can contribute to society and their local congregation, wherever they live.


Mission to Ukraine, shows the love of Jesus to the poor, the cripple, the orphaned, and other marginalized and voiceless people of the Zhitomir Region of Ukraine. If you would like to help provide medical supplies, infant clothes, over the counter medications, or travel to the Ukraine to share your medical skills, your Bible knowledge, or your love for God’s children, contact Debbie Butler for details. Visit website for Mission to Ukraine.