"Let the children come to Me" - Jesus


At Three Chopt we believe that our children are a heritage from the Lord, precious to God and an essential foundation of the church. We are striving to provide a ministry for them that is safe, secure and scripturally sound to be faithful to God’s call to let the little children come to Him.


A Cradle Roll Class is offered for infants through age 2, learning about God’s creation through songs and tactile experiences.

Children’s Bible Class for ages 2 through the 4th grade, meets together in our Story Room. Lessons from Old Testament and New Testament are taught to all the children together with songs, memory activities, and storytelling. Our emphasis is the revelation of Jesus Christ throughout the Bible. The class is then divided by age groups – Little Learners (2 and 3 yr olds), Leaping Learners (4, 5, 6 yr. olds), and the Lightning Learners (2nd, 3rd, 4th graders) for discussion, activities and simple crafts with their teachers.

Children will be dismissed by the teachers directly to their parents from their respective classrooms at 10:15 am. We send a weekly email update to all family participants with a summary of the lesson that has been taught, the Bible verses covered and a preview of the next week’s lesson.

Our objective is to be a supplement to the parents’ discipleship and Bible study for their young ones in the home. In addition to our class activities there is a Family Resource shelf in the Education hallway with books, games and other education materials for children, parents and even grandparents to use at their will – no check out necessary.


Infants through 4th grade.